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These are related to the guitar speaker news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in guitar speaker and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand guitar speaker market.
  • Hot Sale Guitar Speaker and Its Work Principle


    How does the sound associated with a loudspeaker work?Sound moves in pressure waves. When a particle of air is compressed and thinned out quickly enough, we hear it.The faster the change in air pressure, the higher the 'frequency' of the sound we hear. QIJIAN shares with you. Read More

  • Amplifier Guitar Speakers


    A guitar speaker is basically a loudspeaker pecially designed for usage in a musical instrument, specifically the driver portion, for instance, a bass guitar. It is usually placed as the mid-frequency driver in the music system. The speakers are typically made of solid-state or semi-conductor glass or plastic materials to reduce their weight and make them more portable. Read More

  • The Best Guitar Speakers Are Those That Suit You Best!


    Guitar speaker stands come in a variety of styles and functions. Some companies manufacture mini, full-sized, corner, subwoofer, bookshelf, amplifiers and receivers, passive and active bass speakers, solid state electronic devices, satellite radio / receiver combos, tape players, phonographic system, tape machines, computer, and software combo packages, etc. Read More

  • Blue Tooth Speaker


    Celestion Blue Tooth Speakers is the perfect tool for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive way to add some quality guitar sound to their recording. This new hand held guitar speaker is powered by a 6-volt battery and has a rotary control on the pot that changes the volume of the speaker. Read More

  • The Features to Look For in Guitar Speaker Cabinet


    A guitar speaker, also known as a front-speaker, is the main loudspeaker responsible for providing the music for the amplifier's amplifier to play. Read More