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Stereo Power Guitar Amplifier Guitar Speaker

  • GT-218Y

  • IBR

  • Yes

  • Active

  • Guangdong, China

  • No

  • microphone/ cable

  • Party, Dancing,Charity, advertising,Instrument use

  • plastic bag+foam+carton

Stereo Power Guitar Amplifier Guitar Speaker

The choice of a guitar speaker should be made with care, as the correct one can affect the overall sound quality of your instrument.  Choosing the correct speaker for your guitar can affect its overall sound quality, ranging from a bright, clear sound to a dull, muddy tone.  Here are some things to look for when selecting the correct guitar speaker.

For those looking for a premium upgrade from their usual guitar speakers, look no further than the Warehouse Guitar Speakers collection.  These vintage-voiced guitar speakers are available from stock at Lean Business.  They are a tribute to the golden age of speaker manufacturing in England and the USA.  Founded in 1996, Warehouse Guitar Speakers have been supplying major audio companies for decades.

The IBR 15 inch speaker is a 15-inch two-way full-range speaker that's enclosed in a rugged, high-quality 15mm plywood cabinet. It utilizes the AFAST technology to enhance low frequency response and eliminate standing waves. The LF driver is a lightweight 15-inch ferrite while the compression driver is a lightweight 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm. Overall, the SA-15T is a great speaker that can handle a wide range of musical applications.

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guitar speaker

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