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  • The Different Breakup Modes of Guitar Speakers


    Acoustic guitars require a specific kind of speaker to reproduce their sound. Unlike traditional speakers, guitars do not have pistonic cones, but instead, cones with sections of an inch in diameter. Guitar speakers have different break-up modes, which actively colour the sound. Some guitar speakers Read More

  • The Best Sounding Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


    Whether you want to listen to music outdoors, play music from a CD collection, or enjoy the scenery, 200W outdoor speakers are a great investment. You can choose from models with a variety of features, including a wireless Bluetooth connection. These speakers are also waterproof and water-resistant, Read More

  • 8-Inch Guitar Speaker - What to Look For in a Guitar Center Powered Speaker


    The eight-inch guitar speaker is a relatively affordable, compact guitar amp speaker. It should deliver clear, warm, and high-quality sound. The best ones are designed for live performances and recording. In addition to a compact size, they should minimize interference. Keep these features in mind w Read More

  • Buying Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers at Costco


    When buying outdoor rock speakers, consider a couple of things. You will want to be able to use them outdoors, but it should be clear that they're not going to provide the same kind of depth and richness as speakers you'd find in a premium bookshelf set. Also, these speakers don't attract as much at Read More

  • Outdoor Rock Speakers For Your Backyard Or Patio


    If you love listening to music outdoors, you can enjoy the sound of music from your rock speakers at your backyard or patio. Many outdoor rock speakers can link to a TV, projector, or other technologies. You can even use them with a video game console. Outdoor rock speakers are available in both wir Read More

  • Plastic Speaker Stands


    The Plastic Speaker Project aims to stop plastic waste from going to landfills and incinerators by producing a speaker made from 100 used plastic bags. These bags are melted and compressed to create a "marble dough" which is then placed into compression molds to form the shape of the speaker. Electr Read More

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