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  • How to Select a Portable Speaker


    Investing in a portable speaker can be an excellent investment. While many portable speakers are simply a simple black box, there are some very exciting models available on the market today. Choosing the right one can make all the difference. There are a number of features to consider when selecting a portable speaker. Read More

  • Bluetooth Speakers: Combining Convenience with Great Sound!


    The popularity of Bluetooth-enabled speakers, especially in the portable speaker market, has skyrocketed. It's no surprise - these convenient and portable devices make listening to a personal music library from any mobile device easy and fun. In addition to the obvious convenience of Bluetooth capability, your customers are looking for five other great features in QIJIAN's popular products. Read More

  • Charegeable Speaker - The Colorful Light Speaker


    The colorful light speaker is a Bluetooth speaker inspired by the lantern. Its lightweight, portable design makes it easy to carry and a great way to enjoy music on the go. The sound it produces is omnidirectional and big thanks to a passive three-inch woofer and a 2.5-inch full-range driver built into its enclosure. Read More

  • Buying a Portables Speaker


    You can buy portables speakers with built-in straps, handles, and batteries that enable you to take them anywhere. Most of them have a range of 10 meters, but can be further if there is no obstruction. You can choose from a variety of models. Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, make sure that it is waterproof. Read More

  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of plastic Speakers


    A polypropylene (PP) speaker is a type of speaker made from a polymer with a specific gravity of 0.92. The material is highly resistant to tearing and scuffing, and has a high-quality, consistent thickness. These speakers are usually made with a thick gauge PP sheet, but a thinner gauge is also available. Read More

  • How to Choose Outdoor Speakers and Quality Audio Accessories?


    If you're serious about your audio, you'll treat it with the utmost respect and give it the credit it deserves for being heard through a top-notch outdoor speaker system or sound system. Finding the right outdoor speakers for your home is crucial. When looking for speakers, you'll want to take these factors into account. Read More

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