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  • Bluetooth Speaker - Bring Your Music to Life With a Bluetooth Speaker


    Bluetooth Speaker - Bring Your Music to Life With a Bluetooth SpeakerWhether you're planning to have a party or simply want to play music from your phone, Bluetooth speakers are a great way to bring your music to life. These speakers are wireless, portable, and offer a great range of features, from Read More

  • Buying an Outdoor Speaker For Your Yard


    Buying an Outdoor Speaker For Your YardBuying an outdoor speaker for your yard can be a fun way to get some quality entertainment. Whether you're watching the sunset, or enjoying some music while you're grilling, an outdoor speaker can make any outdoor experience more enjoyable. The best outdoor spe Read More

  • How to Use a Bluetooth Speaker


    Choosing a Bluetooth Party SpeakerDuring the summer months, you can have lots of fun using a Bluetooth party speaker. These speakers are often large, and they can provide powerful sound for parties. They may also come with lighting, fun extras, and karaoke features.When choosing a party speaker, you Read More

  • Bluetooth Speaker Technology


    Bluetooth Speaker TechnologyBluetooth speaker technology transmits sound signals from a Bluetooth-enabled digital audio device and converts them into sound waves that the listener can hear. The audio signal is encoded by a codec, usually Low Complexity Subband Code (LCSC), and then sent to a Bluetoo Read More

  • Choosing a Portable Speaker


    How to Choose an Outdoor SpeakerIf you want to enjoy music while you're outdoors, an outdoor speaker is an excellent option. You can connect them to your home receiver or to a booster amp to boost their power. These speakers are designed to withstand the elements and keep out bugs and creepy crawlie Read More

  • The Benefits of a Bluetooth Speaker


    The Benefits of a Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth speakers are wireless audio devices that receive audio signals via radio frequency waves. They do not need cables or wires to operate and are extremely convenient. Bluetooth speakers can be used to play music in a variety of settings, including your home Read More

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