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Considerations for Buying Bluetooth Speakers

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With a large number of Bluetooth speakers on the market to choose from, the first stage in selecting the best Bluetooth speaker to buy is to determine exactly what you want to use it for. Some speakers may be used in the home - others may be used outdoors, listed when you're grilling outdoors, etc., and others may be portable speakers that you use when you travel.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a bluetooth speaker.


Battery life.  

Battery life is a key parameter to consider. You don't want to charge your speaker every hour. It should last as long as you need it to. Smaller speakers tend to have smaller batteries and don't last as long, but some larger speakers can last up to 24 hours! When buying a Bluetooth speaker, make sure the battery life is sufficient for your needs. Remember, too, that the lithium-ion batteries used don't like to be fully discharged, so charge them before you use the speaker and don't let it discharge.

Audio quality.   

Obviously it's good to have a good sounding Bluetooth speaker. Usually they give specifications for total harmonic distortion, and less than 1% is a good target. The lower the better. In addition, the frequency response is very important. Some speakers sound better than others, and this is usually due to a much better frequency response.


Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of sizes. There are small conical or cylindrical types, portable speakers that fit in your luggage, and larger speakers that tend to offer higher quality audio. In general, the larger they are the better the sound quality, and the larger the battery can have a longer battery use.

Hands-free function.   

It may be that you are using your phone as a music source and you may need to take calls. This can be done using a speaker with a microphone and a hands-free phone function. This can be useful if the speaker is to be used at a table - if it is used by the pool, it can be annoying for others as everyone will hear the conversation.

Audio power.   

This parameter is not specified for all Bluetooth speakers. When it is declared, it is measured in watts. 10 watts is loud, although the efficiency of the speakers in such small situations means that they will not be very efficient. Please note that larger rooms and outdoor use require more power.

Wired input.   

Many older devices do not have Bluetooth. Either you can buy a small Bluetooth transmitter, or you can even consider a good old wired audio cable! Almost all speakers have a 3.5 mm jack input, so it is still possible to connect purely wired devices with a suitable cable. It's a good idea to check before assuming that any particular speaker has a jack input.


Since Bluetooth speakers are convenient, usually because they are portable, this means they will be placed in many places, even near the water's edge. Water and electronics don't mix, so having speakers that are waterproof is often very useful. Some speakers can even be submerged in water, but waterproof speakers are more common. Waterproof speakers are especially useful when used by the pool or on the beach.

There are a variety of Bluetooth speakers that can be purchased from many stores. Some are very cheap, while others can be very expensive. Depending on what you want, do the best you can because the quality and performance will be better - if it's something like travel, then go for a very cheap one and you'll leave it behind without worrying about it. 

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