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Plastic Speaker


1.Versatile Portability

Plastic speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with clips and handles to suit customers’lifestyles. 


If you intend to take speakers to the pool, the beach, or maybe even a party that might involve a spilled drink, water-resistance can be great insurance for protecting your speakers. 

3.Rechargeable Battery

Most plastic portable speakers feature an internal rechargeable battery, which adds to their convenience and energy efficiency. 

4.Visual Effects

A fun party addition to a plastic speaker is lighting or water-dancing effects.

5.Rugged Durability

Some speakers are built not only to withstand the weather but also to outlast a little more than the usual wear and tear. 

The creativity and options are endless with portable plastic speakers. Whether you want practical features like water-resistance and durability or fun visual effects and creative carrying options, you will be able to find exactly the combination of traits you need in IBR speaker.

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