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Multi-functions of Bluetooth Speaker in QIJIAN

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Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth connection instead of the traditional wire connection of audio equipment, by connecting with cell phones tablets and laptops and other Bluetooth playback devices to achieve the purpose of convenience and speed.

Since the introduction of Bluetooth speakers, people love this simple and delicate, portable things. Currently on the market, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, the shape is generally more compact and portable, Bluetooth speaker technology is also with its human-friendly features gradually by the consumer attention and acceptance.


Specifications and settings

Most common Bluetooth speakers on the market for mono speakers, but also emerged some excellent sound quality of multi-channel speakers. From the point of view of sound quality performance, CD sound quality data of the effective amount of audio data is about 1.4Mbit, to transmit CD sound quality music signal, the transmission rate only needs to be maintained at 2Mbit per second can be achieved, Bluetooth "2.1 + EDR" specifications are sufficient. As these products often follow the mature acoustic structure of traditional speakers, after the integration of Bluetooth module to achieve wireless playback, its sound quality performance and the same level of speaker products.

Bluetooth 3.0 / 4.0 standard has been proposed, the two versions reflect the progress of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth mainstream speakers are using A2DP stereo protocol, and in 2012, smart phones, tablets and other devices are supported A2DP protocol, so from the point of view of use, Bluetooth speakers are completely free of any obstacles.

The advantages of Bluetooth

QIJIAN bluetooth speaker, its most important feature is to get rid of the wired bundle. After all, the Bluetooth protocol has now been popularized to more than 4.0, Bluetooth speakers is to have lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission, Bluetooth transmission distance is also at least 15 meters or more. Further is that people used to listen to music with cell phones outside the sound quality will be very poor, and power consumption, Bluetooth speakers just solve this problem. As the bluetooth speaker is wireless connection, it can be placed at will, not limited by space. 

Bluetooth speakers have also become the favorite of sportsmen, and a professional outdoor portable speakers can meet the needs of users of cycling, hiking, camping, etc. These Bluetooth speakers will be fully sealed design, with dust /water /drop and other functions, even in the more harsh outdoor environment can also be used normally, and can share music with friends when resting. For friends who like to exercise in the outdoors, there is music to accompany the movement will naturally become more relaxed and more rhythmic.


Other functions

Do you think the Bluetooth speaker can only be used to listen to music? No. Bluetooth speakers can not only listen to music, you can also answer calls, and even have the function of charging. Bluetooth speakers allow you to free your hands. However, because it is hands-free answering, can not protect the privacy of the call, so it will still be restricted by the environment, generally only for use at home or when driving.

When the phone is out of battery, you can also try to use the speaker to charge the phone. Now there are some outdoor dedicated Bluetooth speakers have supported the rechargeable battery function, due to its own battery capacity is huge, you can always charge the phone.

QIJIAN Bluetooth speakers also support the plug-in play function, even in the absence of cell phones, you can also directly play the audio files in the memory card. Using this feature, users can not only listen to music anywhere, but also use it as a learning tool.

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