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Plastic Portable Speaker

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A distinctive speaker, also called as portable audio system or portable sound system, is a device that may be used for both music and communication purposes. Plastic portable speakers are lightweight and very easy to carry. One drawback of this kind of portable speaker is its inability to handle very high wattage ratings. That is why many portable speakers usually employ auxiliary power source like a battery to boost the power needed for such a high-watt rating.

There are actually two types of portable speaker. The first type is called the 12 inch with Bt (also known as BTE) function. In this type, the speaker uses a tweeter to produce a much clearer sound. This type of portable speaker can usually accommodate the audio input from most any source like the CD, DVD, MP3, and satellite radio. Because it is very light and easy to carry, it is widely used as the primary component in portable audio systems.

The second type is the 12 inch without Bt (also called without BTE) function. This type of portable speaker does not use a tweeter to produce clearer sound. Instead, it employs a woofer to produce a much fuller sound. Because it is much heavier and cannot be carried around, this type of speaker is usually utilized for media player, computer monitor, and home entertainment system sound quality improvement.

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