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Several Options for Guitar Amp Maintenance

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Guitar Speakers Suppliers share with you several choices about guitar amp maintenance, hope it will help you

Guitar Speakers

Guitar Speakers

1. Give up the old guitar amp is definitely not a good choice

Do you have an old Tube Guitar Amp that sounds like crap? Does it sound like it lacks brightness and harmonic volume? Does it sound like it has noise? Does it sound very flimsy in the low end?

If it's an old guitar, you can replace the strings for it, or you can check the tone of the instrument, or you can send the guitar to a professional for maintenance. However, for those who are owners of old guitar amps, most people just sell them off and buy a new guitar amp.

You can actually try to rejuvenate your old guitar amp using some simple tricks, and with regular maintenance you can breathe new life into these very heavily used devices.

2. Electronic tubes in a long time before the complete failure of the sound fatigue will occur

Many of the sound symptoms mentioned above can be attributed to tube fatigue, so unless you can identify a specific condition elsewhere, the best approach is to replace the tubes with a new set - especially if you know they haven't been replaced in a long time.

The frequency of tube replacement depends on when and how you use them. Output tubes should be replaced more often than preamp tubes, and for many guitar amps, they should be retuned when replaced with new tubes. If you want to detect whether these preamplifier tubes produce sound fatigue, you can buy a new tube, replace the old tubes one by one, and then replace the problem tubes found.

3. Filter capacitors also need to be replaced regularly

Do not because those are called "filter caps" large electrolytic capacitors are soldered to the guitar amp, they do not need to be replaced. Any guitar amp that has been in use for more than 15 or even 20 years can have very bad results if it is still using its original filter capacitors.

While they may still work fine, they are also depleting your guitar amp's low end and overall tonal solidity - and can lead to guitar amp damage at any time. The larger the capacitor, the more frequently it should be updated and replaced, and be aware of the smaller capacitors in the preamp section as well.

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