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Useful Tips for You to Maintain Your Portable Speakers

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Portable speakers are a simple and affordable technology. Available in a variety of sizes, including replaceable and rechargeable batteries, most portable Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for music lovers because of their excellent portability, durability and sound quality.

Maintaining wireless speakers is relatively quick and easy, but keeping them in tip-top shape is critical. Here are some quick and easy tips from the experts at QIJIAN for maintaining portable speakers for longer use.

1. Resist dust

It's not just about aesthetics - dust is the number one enemy of speaker performance. In severe cases, too much dust can damage the speaker itself. To prevent dust, store your speakers in their protective cases when not in use, and clean them to avoid any build-up.

rectangle speaker

rectangle design speaker cabinet 12 inch speaker light

2. Clean the speakers regularly

Wipe the speaker surface with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust. Avoid spraying any liquid cleaners directly onto the speaker surface; instead, spray an ammonia-free window cleaner directly onto a soft cloth and use it to wipe away dirt and other particles. Do not use solvents, chemicals or cleaning solutions containing alcohol, ammonia or abrasives to clean your speakers.

3. Avoid strong sunlight

Keep the speakers away from windows, sunny outdoor decks or yards in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause speakers to overheat, largely due to their compact design. A small fan will keep Bluetooth speakers cool during heavy use or in the outdoor heat.

4. Avoid static electricity

Static electricity - the same energy that makes hair stand upright - can also damage electronic devices. It is a fixed charge, usually generated by friction, which can cause sparks or breakage. In addition to dust and sunlight, static electricity is also a big enemy of speakers. Static buildup is usually caused by two objects rubbing together and can burn out a Bluetooth speaker.

Guitar Speaker

Dual 8 Inch green Portable Speaker Guitar Speaker

5. Provide adequate ventilation

Make sure there is enough airflow around the speakers to keep them cool while in use. Traditionally, audiophiles would have fans blow on high-end speakers to keep them cool - the same strategy applies to portable Bluetooth speakers.

Whether you're looking for rugged outdoor speakers for the beach or patio, or need sophisticated wireless speakers for portable, multi-room sound, QIJIAN offers a wide range of options for versatile, high-quality speakers. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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