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Bluetooth Speakers: Combining Convenience with Great Sound!

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The popularity of Bluetooth-enabled speakers, especially in the portable speaker market, has skyrocketed. It's no surprise - these convenient and portable devices make listening to a personal music library from any mobile device easy and fun. In addition to the obvious convenience of Bluetooth capability, your customers are looking for five other great features in QIJIAN's popular products.

Versatile and portable

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes, with clips and handles that fit your customers' lifestyles. For example, some speakers come with a convenient hook-and-loop that clips to belt loops, backpacks, and bags. Many speakers offer big sound in a portable package that can be combined and detached for a more versatile dual sound on the go.


If your customers are planning to take their speakers to the pool, the beach, or even a party that might involve spilled drinks, waterproofing can be an important safeguard to protect them. Dual Portable Speaker for Indoor is splash-proof and features a rugged rubber design that's perfect for outdoor and active use.

dual indoor speaker

Rechargeable battery

Most portable speakers are equipped with internal rechargeable batteries, which increases their convenience and energy efficiency. QIJIAN's leather convenient 6 inch portable speaker includes rechargeable lithium polymer for an impressive 12 hours of runtime on a full charge. Users can listen all day without worrying about replacing the battery.

6 inch speaker

Visual Effects

In addition to the Bluetooth speaker, a fun party is the light or water dance effect. Colorful led light dual 8 inch portables speaker has LED liquid visuals and lighting effects. Users can watch and listen to their music using this cool feature.

colorful led

Rugged and durable

Some speakers are not only weatherproof, but more durable than the usual wear and tear. The Rugged Bluetooth speaker has a durable silicone enclosure that prevents drops and damage. It's also waterproof for working in rain, snow and splashes. It's also splash and drop resistant, and its attractive design looks great for rough, active use.

The creativity and options for portable speakers are endless. Whether your customers want practical features like waterproofing and durability, or fun visuals and creative carrying options, they'll be able to find exactly the right combination of features they need in a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Check out these options and more on QIJIAN and never let the party stop! Contact us for a quote!

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