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Difference between Ordinary Speakers and Guitar Speakers

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People have seen most popular brands of speakers; however, the understanding of guitar speakers may not be comprehensive. The same belongs to the sound of the speaker, guitar speakers and ordinary speakers both from the appearance and structure have essential differences, they also bring you a completely different listening experience.

Ordinary speakers are limited to the sound frequency gain degree adjustment, the sound itself will not produce any rendering; while guitar speakers can be the original sound of the guitar for modification and amplification, so that the guitarist's performance is richer. Next, QIJIAN will talk about their insights for the two types of products, ordinary speakers and guitar speakers.


General home hi-fi speakers and amplifiers are separate, but guitar amp designers to ensure the same sound and the convenience of handling, generally the amplifier part and the speaker bundle manufacturing, even if not in the same cabinet, the designers will mostly be fixed together through the parts of the two.

All-in-one and split type

One-piece speaker means the preamp, power amplifier circuit, speakers installed in the same wooden cabinet; split type refers to the type of circuit part and speakers installed separately, so the advantage is that the preamp can be used with different sizes and power speakers. Guitar speakers will join these two designs, while ordinary speakers are not.

Core components

The internal structure of the guitar speaker is more complex than ordinary speakers, the internal circuit is divided into three categories: electronic tubes, transistors, digital circuits. The cost of electronic tubes is very high, generally used in the higher-end guitar speakers, it is a delicate, warm, full tone, and longer life. And the life of ordinary audio is relatively short.

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

Different buttons

Electric guitar speaker knobs are more abundant, in addition to low frequency, high frequency, volume, there will be reverb (REVERB), chorus (Chorus), delay (DELAY), distortion (Boost) and overload (Drive) and other functions of the knob, the vast majority of knobs will be designed in the front or top of the cabinet, so that the user's control is more intuitive.

General speaker knobs are generally divided into low-frequency gain and high-frequency gain, and volume buttons, most of the speaker knobs will be designed on the side or back of the cabinet.

Different role

Ordinary speakers are used to restore the sound, while guitar speakers are used to create sound, guitarists can use a variety of EQ adjustments on the speaker to get the tone they want.

For ordinary speakers, the most we want to hear is its pure sound. But for a guitarist, the most can reflect the value of a guitar amp is undoubtedly the distortion tone.

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