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How Long Does A Guitar Stereo Speaker Last?

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We all know that having an amplifier is essential for all electric guitars. But have you ever wondered how long they will last? Is an amplifier something that will last you a lifetime, or is it something you should know about?

So how long do guitar amps last? QIJIAN explains how long you can use them and how to care for them.

Do guitar amplifiers wear out?

Speaker amplifiers are just a combination of many components, and these components do wear out. As a result, you can say that amplifiers wear out.

One of the first things that may be damaged are the capacitors, especially in the power supply. The reason this can happen is higher temperatures and stress. Since amplifiers are designed to be used, you can't do anything to prevent this from happening unless you protect your equipment and avoid high temperatures.

The easiest way to deal with "dry" capacitors is to replace them. Fortunately, replacing the capacitors in your amplifier is not expensive.

Dual 8 Inch Live Portable Speaker with Guitar Function with Mesh

Dual 8 Inch Live Portable Speaker with Guitar Function with Mesh

How long the speaker will last

Like any other part of your equipment, speakers will last longer if you take care of them. Playing too loud can stress them out and reduce their lifespan.

But if you have a quality speaker, it may last 40 or 50 years. Of course, if you take care of it and perform regular maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, you do not need to perform regular monthly or even annual checks. Amplifier speakers are more durable and you should check every few years to make sure everything is in order.

Guitar amplifier capacitors

The capacitors used in amplifiers are not very different from other capacitors and can last forever. But the main problem is, of course, the unpredictable human factor.

If you turn the amp up to maximum, or even plug a bass guitar into a regular amp, it can get destroyed very quickly. Especially if it is a low-end amplifier. You should replace it every 10 or 20 years, and chances are your amp will sound as good as new.

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

Leave the amp on

Interestingly enough, it may end up being a good idea to leave the amp on all the time. At least in theory. Every time you turn your electronic device on, it goes through a little bump. Turning an electronic device on and off can break it.

Usually, when you turn on a light, a regular light bulb will "die". It usually doesn't go out for no reason. Likewise, if you keep the amplifier plugged in, the amplifier will be much better.

But you should avoid doing it several times a day to extend its life. There is no harm in leaving the amp on all the time, except for the battery and power.

Tube amplifiers

The main problem with tubes is heat. Heat is the enemy of electronics. If your amplifier is well ventilated, then leaving it on is not a problem. If your amplifier has a standby mode, you should avoid leaving it there for long periods of time.

While standby is a great thing, if you're not going to play your portable speaker with guitar, never do it. The best case scenario is that one of the capacitors will blow, but the problem could be much worse.

The best thing to do is to take a middle ground. If you play for ten or twenty minutes and take a break after each session.


There are many factors that can affect the life of an amplifier. First, you should ask yourself whether it is a solid-state amplifier or a tube amplifier. Solid-state amplifiers are more durable and can last for decades.

The lifespan of an amplifier depends largely on how long you play and how well you take care of your equipment. If properly cared for, any amplifier can last for decades without any problems.

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