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  • Amplifier Guitar Speakers


    A guitar speaker is basically a loudspeaker pecially designed for usage in a musical instrument, specifically the driver portion, for instance, a bass guitar. It is usually placed as the mid-frequency driver in the music system. The speakers are typically made of solid-state or semi-conductor glass or plastic materials to reduce their weight and make them more portable. Read More

  • How to Repair the Damaged Plastic Speakers Yourself


    How to Repair the Plastic SpeakersAlthough most speakers can provide years of trouble-free service, like everything else, they may require repair from time to time.Aging, humidity, and overdrive are common reasons why speakers fail and require repair. Read More

  • Finding The Right Outdoor Speaker For Your Needs


    When it comes time to find an outdoor speaker for your next event, whether it is a wedding reception, birthday party, or business conference, chances are you will spend quite a bit of time scouring the phone book and trying to find speakers that suit your needs. Read More

  • Portable Speakers: How to Find the Right One For You


    If you're planning on taking your portable audio system out to a public place, one important item you definitely don't want to forget is your portable speaker. Don't be tempted to skimp on quality - outdoor speakers will last longer and sound better than even the most expensive indoor models. Read More

  • Outdoor Speaker Guide


    Are you in the market for a quality outdoor speaker? The outdoors is ideal for entertaining family and friends, but sometimes it can just be a little too much trouble to enjoy those outings. Whether you want to throw a party outdoors, host an event at your place of business or make your family feel like kids again during a camping trip, you need to find the right speakers for the job. Read More

  • A Perfect Speaker Box That You Can Rely On


    If you are looking for speakers that can give you good sound quality and still be light on your pocket then I am sure you have already heard about this product called the polystyrene or the plasti-tone. Many people don't know what this is; it is a new type of plastic speaker that is used in indoor speaker systems as well as outdoor speaker systems. Read More

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