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The Importance of Guitar Speakers Sizing

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With so many brands, styles and size combinations of guitar amps on the market to choose from, it can be a daunting task to figure out which speaker is best for you.

The best way to find out what's best for you is to understand the role size in the overall tone of the speaker.

Speaker Tone

Almost every aspect of a guitar speaker plays a role in its inherent tone. Some of the more important components are the voice coil, magnet assembly, and cone. Other factors include suspension, surround, dust cover and cone finish. In addition, the way each of these components interacts with each other also plays an important role in the overall sound.

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

Speaker manufacturers use these guidelines to find the right combination of all these factors to achieve a specific tone. For example, suppose we want to use a small speaker with a thin, light cone that will produce a richer, more harmonically complex tone, but if we use a cone of the same thickness and a larger diameter speaker, that cone may lack the stiffness needed to withstand the planned power handling. In this case, there is some trade-off between tone and power handling, requiring the designer to make both musical and technical choices to achieve the best of both worlds.

Size and volume

Thus, we see a clear connection between attributes such as size, harmonic complexity, power handling and treble dispersion in the design process. In most cases, 10-, 12- and 15-inch speakers provide the balance of warmth and bite, as well as the volume needed to compete with other instruments.

While there are certainly 8-inch and even 6-inch speakers, they are still best suited for at-home or practice situations, as they do not provide the necessary power for performance purposes. On the other hand, 18-inch speakers are also available, but they tend to emphasize the low end, which is not practical for the guitar's range. Their extreme power handling capabilities and physical size also make them impractical.

Quality 10-inch speakers typically provide fast, powerful sound with a wider listening angle and reduced "boom," especially on smaller stages. They're also more portable, cost less, and can push your amp into overdrive at much lower levels than larger speakers, making them a popular choice for recording or practicing.

Dual 8 Inch Live Portable Speaker with Guitar Function

Dual 8 Inch Live Portable Speaker with Guitar Function

Which one is right for you?

You'll have to weigh your current needs. If you're looking for a quality amplifier for home or recording, but don't want to spend too much money, then a 10-inch speaker setup makes the most sense. If you need a setup for gigging and want a classic, balanced tonal approach, then the 2x12 combo is a better choice. If you want a sound with more emphasis on the low end and plenty of clean dynamic headroom, even if it's overloaded, adding the 1x15 cab will deliver.

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