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The Factors to Choose a Guitar Speaker

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Speakers are a huge element of a guitar player's overall tone. They are responsible for translating all of the combined elements of the overall sound – guitar, cabling, pedals, and amp choice into what we perceive as guitar tone. Do you know the factors to choose a guitar speaker? As a guitar speakers supplier, share it with you.

American Sound and British Sound

There are generally two types of speaker designs: American and British. Within those two categories are two subdivisions for each, modern and vintage.

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument

New Speaker Type Bluetooth Guitar Speaker for Instrument 

Guitar Speaker Cone Character


Size is a huge determining element in how a speaker sounds. The 12" speakers found in many combo amplifiers and cabinets are famous for their ability to reproduce bass and low-mid frequencies precisely. 10" speakers are beloved for the way they punch and shine in the midrange.  


This basically equates to at what volume level the speaker starts to break up. Lower wattage means a breakup at lower volumes, which can be ideal for a studio or small venue environment. A higher wattage rating might be preferable if you're going after a really clean sound. Speaker wattage is determined by the weight of the magnet as well as the diameter of the voice coil.


A large portion of guitar speaker tonality comes from the cone. The sound moving throughout the cone is what creates the coloration, character, and overall tonal output. The cone is attached to the voice coil, surrounded by a magnet (alnico, ceramic, or neodymium). As current passes through said coil, the magnet either repels or moves toward the magnet, influencing the cone to move back and forth. Finally, as the cone moves back and forth it creates the sound. 

Magnet Types

There are three main sorts of magnets utilized in guitar speakers: alnico, ceramic, and neodymium. Alnico was used in the initial sorts of speakers but was phased out due to its scarcity and cost. The tones it creates are expressive and have a harmonic sweetness that many players love, and there are vintage speaker models obtainable that still use it today. Ceramic magnets came into popularity when alnico was no longer feasible. They provide more versatility and a wider spectrum of tones. They can also take higher power and volume levels. Neodymium magnets are the newest type. They are a bit more costly than ceramic but have great articulation and frequency response.

With all of these factors considered, how do you know which speaker is right for your specific setup? Guangzhou 7-sword Electronics Co., Ltd has many types of guitar speakers for choosing, welcome to consult! 

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