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What Are the Causes of Blown Speakers?

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Often you'll hear the term 'blown speakers' used to describe any tweeter, woofer or subwoofer that doesn't sound right or doesn't work at all. If it's a cheap pair of headphones or car speakers, it's no big deal, but what if it's your guitar amp and you have a gig that night?

An unpleasant, bad sound could be a problem with the power supply, or it could mean a small tear in the cone that gets worse over time. Bluetooth speaker manufacturer QIJIAN tells you why your speaker isn't working.


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What causes speaker damage?

Before we go any further, let's talk about what exactly is causing the problem. It all boils down to too much power being provided.

1, Abuse of equalisation and volume

In most cases, especially with car speakers or entertainment system speakers, what happens is that the equalisation system is abused before the music is turned up very loud.

For example, if you were to navigate to the subwoofer setting and turn it all the way around while boosting the bass and lowering the midrange and treble, and then turn the volume up very high, you could easily rip the cone on the subwoofer.

2, Speaker and amplifier power mismatch

If you set up your sound system without paying attention to the specifications, the amplifier's speakers may be underpowered or overpowered. Both situations can lead to clipping, which causes unnatural movement of the cone and coil, but each situation also has its own unique dangers.

Underpowered speakers may be distorted by amplifier clipping. This means that the output audio is now more like a square wave than a smooth sine wave, which is very discordant for cone reproduction and significantly shortens the life of the speaker.

3, Heat source material damage

Most people will play them at maximum volume on their smartphone, or burn tracks to CD as is. even at normal listening volumes, speakers must cope with clipping, even more so at high volumes. Again, this is very rare. As long as you don't change your source material, you're fine.

But for those listening on a computer, beware of software programs that let you turn up the volume by 200% to 300%.


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What to do with blown speakers

You have two options: repair or replace. In most cases, you will want to replace the whole set. The reason is that speakers need to be expensive enough to warrant repair, and once you've taken them apart, you'll have to replace not only the cone, but the entire assembly, including the voice coil. This is very costly and cumbersome and it is better to buy a new speaker. So contact QIJIAN now to find your speakers, we devote to developing, manufacturing and marketing state of the audio devices. We specialized in Trolley Speakers, Professional Stage Speakers, KTV Projects and Broadcasting System.

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