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What Beautiful Experience Can Outdoor Speaker Bring?

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When the weather is nice, we naturally want to spend more time outside. Installing outdoor speakers on your patio or in your backyard is one of the best investments you can make, as it gives you a variety of entertainment options. To help you decide, let us break down everything you need to know about outdoor speakers.

Benefits of outdoor speakers

Let's start with the why. Why do I need outdoor speakers? As someone who has installed outdoor speakers on my backyard deck, I'm perfectly qualified to answer this question.

Setting the mood

First and foremost, outdoor speakers allow you to set the mood, tone and atmosphere, especially during social gatherings. When I host a barbecue, I have my guests play the DJ through their phones or tablets. come on. I speak from experience.

outdoor speaker

Listen to podcasts

Second, outdoor speakers allow you to consume content outdoors. I use outdoor speakers to listen to my favorite podcasts while I'm gardening and doing yard work. Using outdoor speakers makes it easy to share music, radio and podcast experiences with others.

Voice control

Third, smart speakers for outdoor use allow you to play music and other content by voice. In my backyard, I have a Google Nest speaker mounted in the rafters of my covered backyard deck.

Waterproof Outdoor Speakers

With so many portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, one might think that any speaker can be used outdoors. When it comes to water, rain or the occasional splash, not all speakers are created equal. Remember that waterproof and water resistant are not the same thing. This article will tell you all you need to know about the weatherproof rating of your speakers .

Speaker for Outdoor

High Quality Wood 12 Inch Trolley Speaker for Outdoor

How many speakers are needed

Every outdoor space is different, but you can use a few tips to determine how many speakers you need. For a 400-square-foot deck, a pair of 80-watt outdoor speakers should do the trick. This will give you a total of 160 watts of sound.

For smaller decks, a single speaker should work fine, especially for background music. The benefit of using a pair of speakers is to get stereo sound. This is accomplished by placing the speakers to the left and right of the main seating area. If you are covering an area less than 300 feet, try to keep the speakers about 20 feet apart for best coverage.

If you want to cover a large outdoor space, like the entire backyard perimeter, I recommend rock speakers. They blend in with the environment and can fill any space with sound without annoying the neighbors.

Setting up outdoor speakers

In the past, all outdoor speakers were wired for connection and usually required professional installation. The speakers would be connected to an amplifier that could be adjusted for volume, equalizer and bass. If you are building or renovating, using wired speakers is still a good option. Unless you install them professionally, you will need some DIY skills to connect them properly. In most cases, it's just standard speaker wire with weatherproof connections. No one wants to see the speaker wire, so try to keep it hidden.

Outdoor Bluetooths Speakers

Wireless or wired outdoor speakers

The new wireless speakers offer endless configuration options for almost any outdoor space. For most people, this is what I recommend. You can place your wireless speakers almost anywhere in your home and take them with you.

Most wireless speakers are battery powered, so you have the flexibility to place it. If you have outdoor power, I recommend you buy a smart speaker. Being able to play music by voice command is very enjoyable outdoors. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I highly recommend that others consider it as well.

You also have a variety of party speakers to choose from. Some have different modes so you can plug in a guitar or microphone and you can use the lights and karaoke mode at your next party.

If you have an outdoor space and want to spend more quality time there, outdoor speakers are the way to go. You can find a variety of wired, wireless and smart speakers at Best Buy. Please contact QIJIAN experts to find more speakers.

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