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Amplifier Guitar Speakers

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A guitar speaker is basically a loudspeaker pecially designed for usage in a musical instrument, specifically the driver portion, for instance, a bass guitar. It is usually placed as the mid-frequency driver in the music system. The speakers are typically made of solid-state or semi-conductor glass or plastic materials to reduce their weight and make them more portable.

In addition, there is another type of guitar amplifier speaker called a speaker box. This specific type is not a true amplifier, but simply a speaker enclosure with specially designed holes that will accept a line out from your guitar amplifier to allow you to connect the speaker to an external source. If you choose the correct speaker, the sound produced will be very close to that of the original audio input signal that came through the amplifier. The quality of the sound is likely to be better than what could have been achieved by using an amp that is equipped to handle mid-frequency sounds only.

Guitar speakers can be made in two types of designs: booklet type and cabinet design. Booklet speakers are similar to conventional speakers in that they consist of a cone, which has a fixed size and shape to help maintain the cone along its entire length so that it does not get buffeted by the air while transmitting sound. When a beam of sound comes from the front of the speaker cone, it projects that beam over the speaker cabinet so that all the sound waves that result are sent to the ears of the listener. Conversely, when a beam of sound comes from the rear of the cone it projects that beam across the speaker cabinet with the aid of a waveguide so that each portion of the sound wave gets amplified. The advantage of cabinet design over booklet design is that the driver's position in the cabinet allows for a more optimized frequency response along the cone's entire length and this leads to more controlled and accurate tonal reproduction.

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