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Using the Guitar Speaker

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The guitar speaker is an important part of your amp's sound, but it does much more than simply louden up the signal. It adds tonal coloration, character and depth to your guitar tone that you can't get from a direct signal.

How a guitar speaker affects your tone is dependent on a number of factors. First of all, a speaker's design is non-linear and it's difficult to predict how it will react to different levels of distortion.

Another key aspect of speaker design is the cone material. Cones can be made from a variety of materials, including alnico, ceramic and neodymium. All three have their advantages, but alnico is faster and more responsive, which explains why it's the most common material used in speakers today.

Choosing the right cone for your style of playing is also an important factor, as it can have a significant effect on how your speaker sounds. Smooth cones can be good for players who want more vintage and woody tones, whereas stiffer ones may work better for rockers.

Size: Bigger speakers aren't necessarily better, but larger sizes can deliver more oomph and deeper bass. 10" speakers are commonly used in guitar amplifiers, while 12" models are more popular for bass amplifiers.

Speaker sensitivity: Sensitivity is measured by feeding the speaker one watt and measuring the sound pressure level (SPL) at a distance of a metre. More sensitive speakers are usually rated at 90dB or higher, and will sound louder.

15 inch speaker is one of the most essential items in a DJ's kit. They are important for performing at events and delivering quality sound. They come in different varieties and price ranges, but you should always choose a speaker that best suits your needs.

PA speakers are great for DJs to use at their events as they are easy to set up and are designed to deliver a high level of performance. They are also very versatile and can be used in any type of location and setting.

Powered speakers are more reliable than passive ones and are ideal for large venues. They are also easier to repair if anything goes wrong.

Passive PA speakers are a good choice for smaller venues. These are cheaper and can be a good alternative for mobile DJs that need to take their sound with them when they travel.

A 15 inch speaker can have a lot of power and can be able to produce serious bass. They will not only be louder than a pair of 12-inch subwoofers, but they will also handle more power and less distortion.

Using the right speaker for your amp can make or break a tone or two. The warehouse churns out some of the best speakers at an affordable price. With a selection to suit all your playing styles and budgets, there is something for every guitar player.

Despite the competition, the company has managed to retain it's ethos. The team is a tight knit group of individuals who are dedicated to making the best quality warehouse guitar speakers in the most cost effective manner possible. The company is also dedicated to providing the most accurate and user friendly customer support in the industry. We highly recommend checking them out. You won't be disappointed!

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